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ways to start the day

Today on my morning jog I overtook an elderly man who was also out running.

I continued on my round but soon became tired and stopped to walk – at which point the elderly man I had passed (who seemed to have kept up a steady and consistant pace), overtook me me and gave me a cheeky grin, joking ‘I’m coming first now’. It was a nice light-hearted way to start the day and way to interact with a stranger.

Islands brygge


Recently I have been reminded of Islands Brygge in the summer.

The development of this part of Copenhagen ceases to amaze me. There are countless new but rather sterile looking apartment blocks, with carefully architectured waterways. It seems that have only sprung up in the last few years that I have been here. The sort of places where it looks strange to hang your washing up on the balcony in public.


Well to me, it seems rather non-european, Continental? A contrast to the stucco or brick facades that are conserved elsewhere in the city. It is all strangely futuristic, that is, except for the odd desolate factory such as Silo 52 that has retained its rugged look and for now, provides an artistic and creative space for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The mix between new urban idealism and abandoned industrial wastelands is exciting.

A pedestrian bridge – byggebroen – now connects this area to Vesterbrø and the inner city. Sometime soon I’m going to ride my bike over this and see what has changed, I’m looking forward to this; the harbour swims, grills, sushi, gelato and the general ambience.

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