the smell of freshly cut grass

Today on msn I had a conversation with a friend about the future. Is there anyone that isn’t worried about it in some sort of way?

I suppose these could be the symptoms of our generation in particular, the 20-30 somethings, graduated, searching for love, or wondering what love is, disparate young professionals and on the cusp of beginning a career, or contemplating a new career.

Somehow, this feeling today is also heightened by globalisation, changing markets and increased mobility of people.

Although we are dislocated and alienated when we uproot ourselves from our home settings, our ability to combat our disparity through the internet has improved vastly; friendship databases, internet dating, skype, blogging – This help us to feel connected and re-connected in new and un-familar surroundings.

In a manner of speaking, ‘the world is your oyster’. Yet we still worry about the future more than ever, and is this because we are more in control of it or want to control it?

Perhaps its all not so bad, relatively speaking, according to Brian Holtz who sites some of the catastrophies that humans fear, in excerpts from Human Knowledge: Foundations and Limits; Humans don’t really face extinction even in the case of nuclear war, and it is unlikely that extraterrestrial intellegance will ever find Earth an attractive place to colonise.

Perhaps we should all lie back and think of the smell of freshly cut grass instead….


The grass at Islands Brygge, Copenhagen


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