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the figurines

‘The figurines’ from Denmark will also be at this year’s Roskilde Festival that starts on Sunday. I have already refered to them previously as the band from Jutland (Viborg). For some reason their country origins in addition to their music alert me. Their new track ‘hey girl’ on myspace is terrific and so too is ‘I remember’ (posted below).

‘summer outing’ (skovtur)

Yesterday in the torrential rain, I joined my work Collegues for our annual summer outing:

the torrent came, though it took a long time coming

first pilsner

unsuspecting canoers eat Dansk smørrebrød under a tree

pilsner with tuna salat….one more pilsner

journey back capsized


we stuggled in the face of adversity….one more pilsner

later that night

Jack and Daniel sat opposite eachother

Gin wondered who would ask her to dance

Objects of my affection

I will try not to miss ‘Peter, Bjorn and John’ at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark this year. I have just been revisiting a few tracks on myspace such as ‘Up against the Wall’ and ‘Amsterdam’ that you can find on the critical metrics playlist. This Swedish trio have been around since 1999 and developed a worldwide following, the years of experience in playing together definitely show.

Sunday roast

I am very fortunate to have an English friend in Copenhagen who can cook a good Sunday roast. Yesterday, whilst I marvelled at the sight of a succulent leg of lamb being carved and served to six greedy eyes, I realised that plus-or-minus the mint sauce, it had been literally years since I had experienced this.

I suppose our impatient cooking habits and our obsession with convenience means that people rarely delve into the kitchen for longer than a stir-fry. I’m told its only a matter of timing, but perhaps that is the trouble afterall, that premeditation and diligence is required to keep things running smoothly.

Fortunately nostalgia calls, especially for a dedicated Briton. If living abroad, the Sunday roast along with an English breakfast and a cup of tea are among the things that would be most missed, according to one survey of Brit’s.

Even in Commonwealth countries such as New Zealand where I come from, the hearty roast and yorkshire pudding still prevails, along with a few homegrown variations on the side. The heat of summer is no deterrant either, New Zealander’s still lavish in heavy rich Christmas puddings to celebrate the festive season, despite an impending heat wave.

Has anyone seen the cranberry sauce?

all I wanted….was a kiss

Every now and again when I search on Youtube for something, I come across something-else lovely and random:

on War

I recently met a Danish army officer who told me that he would be posted to Afghanistan in the coming weeks. I half expected him to describe his peacekeeping mission of sorts to me, and was a rather taken aback when he explained that the explicit purpose of his contingency was to find and kill terrorists. It was strange for me to encounter someone personally involved and I couldn’t quite imagine this nice man in front of me carrying out such tasks. My heart goes out to him.

Since I am on this subject, Tim from the ‘The Copenhagen Report’ recently wrote a very interesting commentary about Denmark’s real incentives of the ‘War in Iraq’. I think he has hit it on the spot. There is always seems to be a money-making business behind war and the way we invent our enemies. It reminds me of the hypocracy of it all.

War does not determine who is right – only who is left. ~Bertrand Russell

the media defend Denmark

In the Danish media this week: There has been extensive criticism of the Prime Minister’s son for his recently published book ‘American conditions‘. In his 57-page manuscript, Rasmussen challenges the many negative images of the US promoted by the media and among other things, says that the Danish health care system is more likely to fail patients than the American.

Rasmussen has lived for several years in the US and is no doubt qualified to make such comparisons. However I find it interesting that an individual that is so closely related to an important political figure (the Prime Minister who is also perhaps the embodiment of the Danish welfare state), can express a certain ‘betrayal’ to his fellow countrymen. I have sensed after living here for 3 years, that the social welfare state is a source of pride to many Danish citizens and ensures a high standard of living, low levels of corruption and keeps things working like clock-work.

It seems he has quite a few facts wrong however, according to the 2 page summary in the daily paper Nyhed Avisen and in other various papers around Copenhagen. With my limited Danish, I can make out that there has been a very strong rebuf of the comparisons he makes between the US and Denmark, with respect to crime, health and poverty, that tend to put the latter in a less-shining light.

One thing is clear, despite an apparent political leaning towards US policies, which includes the debarkle over the ‘War in Iraq’, most Danes will not aspire to US ways easily.

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