nova 07


It seems like all I write about is attending the next festival… but not without good reason. Nova 07 is the only Latin Jazz Festival in Denmark and presents itself this week (7th-9th June) at Pumphuset in Copenhagen. This year focuses on gender identity and women artists (both local and foreign) with roots in Latin, African and Jazz music. For instance, check out Simone Moreno the Brazilian/Swedish singer on Saturday and Concha Buika from Spain who performs on Friday.

The forma nova festival has also been running for a similar amount of time. I’m not quite sure what the relationship between the two music events are, however ‘forma nova’ is all about independant, underground and emerging music (it sounds well nice too). Fredericia is a 2-3 hr train journey from Copenhagen and the thought of venturing into the Danish countryside for a change is quite appealing. The choice is out there….. you can read more about it here.


1 Response to “nova 07”

  1. 1 russellquinn June 4, 2007 at 4:12 pm

    hello! there is no relationship between the two festivals. it is just a coincidence.

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