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Saturday morning Copenhagen

It sodden outside. Not in a bad way. Just a constant, light patter on the pavement and the sound of cars and cyclists plowing through 1 inch puddles.

There is a baby carriage in my back yard. Inhabited. Confined to the outside and the elements. What, outrageous! cry the baby activists!

This phenomenon bemuses visitors. But somehow it makes them jealous for the Danish sense of security, trust and naturalism.

Another blogger domicile, also describes this Copenhagen baby boom  and the habits of outdoor conditioning. Note that this Danish custom is not transferable overseas however. (In 1997 a Danish woman was arrested in New York for leaving her baby in a stroller outside a bar in the East village…more.)

wear sunscreen

I was recently moaning about the expectations and disappointments of everyday life to a friend. He told me to listen to this song by Buz Luhrmann. It has stopped my complaining for the time being. 

Danish mood of the day

Today, the news in Denmark seems to be remarking on a more global way of seeing things. Traditional domestic spirits such as Gammel Dansk and Akvavit are being replaced by liquors of ‘foreign’ origin. ‘We want to drink in a more sophisticated manner’ said a researcher interviewed in the Copenhagen post this week.

Furthermore the primeminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen returning from holiday, has proposed a loosening of immigration policies to allow a wider range of employees access to Denmark’s labour market. ‘I don’t envision a Denmark where everybody is the same,’ said Rasmussen. ‘It’s exciting to have a society where people with various backgrounds are here as long as they work, provide for themselves and contribute to Danish society.’

So this is the Danish mood of the day.

cycle chic

When I first came to Copenhagen, cycling in stilettos with an umbrella just seemed too ridiculous to even try. But there happens to be a means to an end / or a beginning to a new means.

Forget practical footwear and cycle helmets. In Copenhagen, where cycling is a main form of transport for city dwellers (as noted on the blog ‘cycleliciousness‘, there are over 500, 000 cyclists on the streets everyday, 36% of Copenhagen’s 1.7 million citizens), dressing up for an important occasion goes hand in hand with cycling on two wheels. These two aspects of life are routinely combined, even if somewhat precariously.

It’s what matters in Copenhagen, looking like you planned it all, getting from A to B with little more than ruffled hair. Premeditated casualness with a touch of chic. Anyway, this is just my excuse for using an umbrella the other day when I wanted to ride home in the torrential rain.


cyber-dating becomes inconvenient

I’ve been doing a bit of cut and paste on powerpoint today…..


leaving your mark on art

I think this weekend’s best amusing news was about the dedicated art admirer who left her red lipstick mark on a painting by the artist Cy Twombly, worth 2 million Euros.

Unfortunately after her passionate act, she was arrested and charged for ‘criminal damage’.

Even so, her actions were thought provoking: ‘this red stain is testimony to the moment to the power of art’….’I found the painting even more beautiful’ said Rindy. ‘The artist left this white for me’.

I wonder what Cy Twombly thought about all of this?

I would like to think that he rejoiced in the fact that his painting has continued to evolve and develop new and unwarrented additions.


order to chaos

I found this stack of posters pasted on a wall along Skindergade (a central Copenhagen street) that seemed to echo its written message:

In the beginning things were ‘ordered’, but after the continual addition of new things and without the replacement of old things, it became ‘chaos’.


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