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Watchout for the cycle police!

DR1 news reported tonight that police in Copenhagen will be stepping up a campaign to make sure cyclists stick to the cycle lanes and don’t run the lights. They will swiftly issue a hefty 500 DKK (200 NZD, 50 pound) fine to anyone that is spotted riding off the beaten track.

Pedestrians have their revenge.



Surviving in the face of adversity

Surviving in the face of adversity brings people together, strangers from all walks of life.

This was what I thought on the train returning from Roskilde festival this morning. A commuter at 8-9am would have witnessed sequential wagons of dazed and mud speckled youngsters. Together we dispersed (eighty thousand of us) into the sparkling tranquility of central Copenhagen, in-pairs and as single stragglers. An understanding nod to each other as if to agknowledge our groggy appearances and rubber mattresses. A few cheerful conversations amongst those who could manage it. We were comrades for a few days. Music is what we live for.

100mm of rain fell on the first day of the festival:


I left my camera safely at home out of the rain, which means I am pinching other people’s images to illustrate the mayhem and the merrymaking. ‘Rockphoto‘ is a collaborative website with photo’s from five professional photographers covering the festival. There are some very beautiful shots from 2007 and previous years.

Meanwhile I will make an effort to collect my confused thoughts and get down to a working Monday. The music will have to be revisited later, in a more focused frame of mind.

Click below to see more photo’s …

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80s child

Oddly enough, there are certain material objects and symbols of popular culture that remind you of the era you grew up in. A friend has emailed me a file containing 80s magic to be remembered that has sent me giggling into my morning cup of tea.

If you grew up in the 80s you may find yourself agreeing with everyone of these. I’m surprised how much of my childhood galore was shared with others from around the globe.

all I wanted….was a kiss

Every now and again when I search on Youtube for something, I come across something-else lovely and random:

the media defend Denmark

In the Danish media this week: There has been extensive criticism of the Prime Minister’s son for his recently published book ‘American conditions‘. In his 57-page manuscript, Rasmussen challenges the many negative images of the US promoted by the media and among other things, says that the Danish health care system is more likely to fail patients than the American.

Rasmussen has lived for several years in the US and is no doubt qualified to make such comparisons. However I find it interesting that an individual that is so closely related to an important political figure (the Prime Minister who is also perhaps the embodiment of the Danish welfare state), can express a certain ‘betrayal’ to his fellow countrymen. I have sensed after living here for 3 years, that the social welfare state is a source of pride to many Danish citizens and ensures a high standard of living, low levels of corruption and keeps things working like clock-work.

It seems he has quite a few facts wrong however, according to the 2 page summary in the daily paper Nyhed Avisen and in other various papers around Copenhagen. With my limited Danish, I can make out that there has been a very strong rebuf of the comparisons he makes between the US and Denmark, with respect to crime, health and poverty, that tend to put the latter in a less-shining light.

One thing is clear, despite an apparent political leaning towards US policies, which includes the debarkle over the ‘War in Iraq’, most Danes will not aspire to US ways easily.

Haiku after the rain

concrete expires steam

trees bushes respirate air

rain brings revival

Things that get caught in your spokes


It wasn’t hard to figure out what concert the crowd was emerging from last night, out side Forum, in Copenhagen. Picture Ozzy Osbourne fans. The spokes of my bicycle wheel almost got trapped in the long flowing black cape of one of the more extravagantly dressed.

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