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The moon on the lakes

The moon was full and underlating last night in Copenhagen, a fitting tribute to Chinese moon festival.  Peering through a thin layer of clouds, above sparingly lit buildings, I watched its changing face. 

Chinese moon festival cakes: commonly filled with sweet beans, salted egg and nuts.


The lakes (Sankt Jorgens So, Peblinge So, and Sortdams So) provided the perfect viewing spot. This famous Copenhagen landmark, that spans the border between inner city Copenhagen and the suburbs beyond (Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbr0), is host to joggers, dog walkers and late night strollers.

After the rain, puddles accumalate and are hard to avoid. As are acorns that cover the path and roll under your feet precariously.

It certainly one of my favorite places in Copenhagen because of the quiet expanse, and space, combined with inner city bussle. If you want a sense of this, a fellow blogger Flemming takes wonderful panoramas here.


51pgt3nagml_aa240_.jpgI love festivals, the diversity, the exposure to new sounds and the pleasant surprises. Furthermore, music from ‘down under’ always alerts me and I was glad to witness The Aronas at the Roskilde festival. NZ born and Sydney based Jazz pianist Aron Ottignon is only 24. Then there are some of Australia’s finest muscians; Drummer Evan Mannell , bassist Dave Symes and percussionist Josh Green.

Its all about rhythm that is insistent, pulsating and gets you dancing. The aronas make ”Silvery piano melodies, thumping bass riffs, rolling rhythms, and spiky, sometimes ferocious percussion breaks”(Jessica Nichols The Age). For these reasons alone, they are worth voting for on their myspace site, so they will visit your city sometime soon.




Wilco (‘roger’ – information recieved)

Wilco is one of the bands that travelled across the Atlantic to play at this year’s Roskilde festival. They are usually classified as an alternative country band. Therefore it seems appropriate that they are named after a commonly used voice procedure by truckers. Wilco = Will Comply (after recieving new directions).

Surviving in the face of adversity

Surviving in the face of adversity brings people together, strangers from all walks of life.

This was what I thought on the train returning from Roskilde festival this morning. A commuter at 8-9am would have witnessed sequential wagons of dazed and mud speckled youngsters. Together we dispersed (eighty thousand of us) into the sparkling tranquility of central Copenhagen, in-pairs and as single stragglers. An understanding nod to each other as if to agknowledge our groggy appearances and rubber mattresses. A few cheerful conversations amongst those who could manage it. We were comrades for a few days. Music is what we live for.

100mm of rain fell on the first day of the festival:


I left my camera safely at home out of the rain, which means I am pinching other people’s images to illustrate the mayhem and the merrymaking. ‘Rockphoto‘ is a collaborative website with photo’s from five professional photographers covering the festival. There are some very beautiful shots from 2007 and previous years.

Meanwhile I will make an effort to collect my confused thoughts and get down to a working Monday. The music will have to be revisited later, in a more focused frame of mind.

Click below to see more photo’s …

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the figurines

‘The figurines’ from Denmark will also be at this year’s Roskilde Festival that starts on Sunday. I have already refered to them previously as the band from Jutland (Viborg). For some reason their country origins in addition to their music alert me. Their new track ‘hey girl’ on myspace is terrific and so too is ‘I remember’ (posted below).

Objects of my affection

I will try not to miss ‘Peter, Bjorn and John’ at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark this year. I have just been revisiting a few tracks on myspace such as ‘Up against the Wall’ and ‘Amsterdam’ that you can find on the critical metrics playlist. This Swedish trio have been around since 1999 and developed a worldwide following, the years of experience in playing together definitely show.

reverberating after nova 07

When beautiful musicans and beautiful music sweep you off your feet, words are just not enough to describe what is happening. All I know is that you find yourself reverberating in the performances for weeks afterwards.

This is what I am feeling after the recent nova 07 festival in Copenhagen. The quality of the musicans, the energy of their performances, the emotion and the charisma that they presented was so high that not even the sweltering heat of the venue, nor the price of the tickets could dampen it. We are indebted to the organisers of nova 07 for bringing them to Copenhagen where there is normally a scant audience for world music.

Concha Buika, grew up alongside a gypsy community in Mallorca, Spain, she is considered a new star in flamenco music, with a remarkable haunting voice that certainly showed through a cappella. Her famous track ‘Mi Nina Lola’ is below from her solo cd in 2006.

Swedish based Simone Moreno who played on Saturday night, is born in Bahia, a region in North-East of Brazil that is famous for singers and musicans. With her band (who were definitely Scandernavian looking chaps), and with her samba-swing and amazing vocals, she transforms a raw, wild energy to the audience so that not even the stiffest foot can keep still.

BellitaAbove all if I had a sense of experiencing something truly significant, it was hearing the Cuban group Bellita jazztumbata, led by pianist and

vocalist Lila Exposito Pino. Her funky afro-cuban style stems from the ‘Nova Trove’ movement of the 60s and 70s and the skill, tightness and interpretation of her band members is exemplified by multi-instrumentalist Miguel Miranda, who plays simultaneously electrical bass and congas and keeping the beat with more percussion using his feet.

The nova 07 performance of Bellita jazztumbata also provided an opportunity for a collaboration with Grammy Award winner and international drum star Ignacio Berroa who was also playing concerts at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse and Danish music awards this weekend. This significance of this event was so wrought with emotion that I suspect many of us present, who were without prior knowledge of these musicians and their backgrounds, could not fully appreciate.

On Ignacio

“The only Latin drummer in the world, in the history of American music that intimately knows both worlds; his native Afro-Cuban music as well as Jazz…” (Dizzy Gillespie)

‘A lot of American drummers don’t know him. American drummers like to go after names, but sometimes the people you don’t know are the ones you should know. What better teacher can you go to for Jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms than Ignacio…” (Dennis Chambers)

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