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Dean and Britta

Tonight the US duo called Britta and Duo play at Studenthuset in Copenhagen. Here is a little track with the intriguing lyrics reading ‘Spoons come from Denmark, and Knives from Bavaria’. Mellow but comforting, lyrical and folky.

There is more….. myspace profiles some of their more recent tracks which include those they composed for the score for the movie ‘ the squid and the whale’.

music to the street

Manu Chao is a popular man in Copenhagen and news travels fast in Copenhagen.

In the space of a Friday afternoon, text messages circulated and people from all walks of life assembled, or rather, crammed into Blågardsgade, for a chance to see his impromptu concert.

The fans, and ungdomshuset supporters alike even ascended to the rooftops.



I predict a riot

I should have posted this song by The Kaiser Chiefs as a prelude to the events yesterday. The band from Leeds, UK, play in Copenhagen November 8.

‘I predict a riot’

Blueberry boy

small.jpgThis week ‘Den Elektriske Barometer’ (which I have written about previously) features a nice song called ‘Blueberry boy’ by an electronica band based in Copenhagen called SMALL.

The band, previously known as ‘Harmony boys’ have a recently release EP “Someone” that is out in stores around Denmark now.

The Cat Empire

In November The Cat Empire plays at Vega in Copenhagen. They are an Australian band of huge energy, optimism, a fusion of jazz, ska, funk, rock and heavy Latin influences. (Good company on a recent road trip I took last summer in New Zealand). Their music is full of moral and political messages, a rejection of materialism, war and intolerance and an enthusiastic embrace of cultural diversity and a simple, carefree life. Thank goodness they chose the darkest month of the year in Denmark to come and cheer us up! They have recently achieved fame outside Australia, including a debut on network television, on the David Letterman show.

Below is ‘sly’, and something more wistful, ‘no longer there’ (I must be getting softer with the accumulating years). Also check out myspace, especially since the sound recordings seem to better there.

wear sunscreen

I was recently moaning about the expectations and disappointments of everyday life to a friend. He told me to listen to this song by Buz Luhrmann. It has stopped my complaining for the time being. 


There is a lot to be said about the diverse musical influences of the Copenhagen band ‘Gravy’. What really brings attention, however is when their myspace website says that they are 100% genuine and real. They do not dress up, act up or put on airs, they draw on other musical styles and bands with respect and love.

Its particularly obvious when you listen to the track ‘depression is near’ (Which doesn’t send you into the depths of despair thankfully).


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