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cultural exchange

Next week I will undertake a long-winded flight to visit my home country New Zealand. I’ve done this a number of times now, and it occured to me there is always a regular exchange of Danish-NZ nostalgic tit bits – which I distrubute among the masses.

to take:

Marcipan (anton berg); plastic clips from Ikea to seal packets of opened food stuffs; peper nødder (little danish biscuits usually eaten at christmas, but have already appeared in stores now); Lakrids, spunk and lakerol (licorice sweets); tea from AC perche; tom’s thin chocolate slices for eating with bread; stripy t-shirts.


to bring back:

Cadbury chocolate; manuka bush honey; wine; berocca (vitamins); vegemite; raro (cordial or the equivalent of saft for children), minties, books books books; potato peelers; sunglasses and shells from the beach.

Anything else I have forgotten?


51pgt3nagml_aa240_.jpgI love festivals, the diversity, the exposure to new sounds and the pleasant surprises. Furthermore, music from ‘down under’ always alerts me and I was glad to witness The Aronas at the Roskilde festival. NZ born and Sydney based Jazz pianist Aron Ottignon is only 24. Then there are some of Australia’s finest muscians; Drummer Evan Mannell , bassist Dave Symes and percussionist Josh Green.

Its all about rhythm that is insistent, pulsating and gets you dancing. The aronas make ”Silvery piano melodies, thumping bass riffs, rolling rhythms, and spiky, sometimes ferocious percussion breaks”(Jessica Nichols The Age). For these reasons alone, they are worth voting for on their myspace site, so they will visit your city sometime soon.




flight of the conchords

Following from the previous entry concerning the future and putting it in perspective, I found this clip from flight of conchords, a folk/parody duo …

that kiwi lifestyle again

Its a rainy day in Copenhagen, but no matter….just watch this video from Shapeshifter about that idyllic Kiwi (New Zealand) lifestyle that is so relaxed and carefree. We all can be sucked up by the expectations and stress of life in general, but we can try to keep it down-to-earth. Have you ever played cricket on the beach?

Shapeshifter are originally from Christchurch, but now located in Melbourne, this is a top kiwi electronic act…you can see them in action towards the end of the video.



A band I like very much Voom, released a new/remake album last year and I’ve just ordered it all the way from New Zealand. Its a far cry from Copenhagen but still something to ramble about, I just can’t help promoting them because it will make your ears sing. I would definitely recommend listening to the tracks they have on myspace, ‘B my boy’, ‘relax’ and ‘beautiful day’. The rest of the album is just lovely too.

May is the month of public holidays in Denmark and tomorrow is ‘Prayer day’ where apparently it is common to eat hot bread buns and go for a walk around Christianshavn and the harbour areas in Copenhagen to hear the church bells ringing. Thats nice. I wonder if the buns are eaten just plain or with slight variations on the theme.

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