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Easter has been and gone. Maybe all the chocolate eggs will be on sale now? Returning from a weekend in Vastervik, Sweden, has really made me notice this northern light, its is almost blinding sometimes. And its very rejuvenating.

Feathers : A Swedish Easter tradition that I have been admiring

Easter decorations in Vastervik, Sweden and the Northern Light

Unfortunately though not surprisingly, when I returned to Copenhagen my bicycle was missing from where I had left it, amongst the squaller at the back of Central Station. I started to wonder what cheeky/drunken sort had made off with it. Just an anonymous, black, ‘dame cykel’ with a basket that will most likely end up in one of the lakes or canals nearby, and rust away. Alternatively it will be salvaged and sold at the next police auction to a new owner.

Anyway, I knew the risks and will resign myself to the fact that my bike in somewhere out there, free to use. My only regret is that I changed the tires recently.


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