New Zealand music gives me a warm overwhelming sense of connection and pride. There is something special and unique about it which is helping shape our identity and touches a raw nerve in people that have grown up with it.

I’ve been listening recently again to a podcast that highlights the resurgance of Dub/reggae/pacific genre in New Zealand. You know, as a country of many cultures and recent arrivals it may be one of the best ways for all of us to be united, proud and certain of where we come from.


Indie, experimental, quirky and great melodies… link> THE BRUNETTES

This clip deplicts the quintecential kiwi/New Zealand back yard (bbq, kids on the loose, inflatable swimming pools, trampoline).

Recloose is a group led by Wellington based Matthew Chicoine, with some of the country’s finest musicians, Joe Dukie (Fat Freddy’s Drop), Riki Gooch (TrinityRoots), Hollie Smith, Lisa Tomlins and Jonathan Crayford.

I found this video of Shapeshifter below recently. They have such a good bass, drum sound! So you need some head phones or good speakers to listen to this properly on the computer.

Below are some more successful NZ bands that I have heard of, including some (Fat Freddy’s drop, Salmonella Dub) that have been popping up at Glastonbury and Roskilde festivals in Europe recently. They also show some NZ imagery that may ring a bell for some of you too….



Top selling album recently in New Zealand and coming out of that Wellington dub/reggae/soul/pacifica sound. link>FAT FREDDY’s DROP

A household name in New Zealand with diverse influences. link>SALMONELLA DUB

One of the best live bands I’ve seen, with their own style and energy link>GOLDENHORSE

Some more useful links> tell me more?

  • Listen to charts, search for artists and buy music
  • Smoke Cds buy New Zealand music from overseas
  • Loop recordings Independant Label
  • Flying nun records Formerly an Independant Record label.
  • *Many of the most prominent kiwi rock and alternative bands have been signed to Flying Nun at some stage in their careers.
  • 95Bfm livestream Successful Auckland University radio station that is Quote> a sizzling casserole of New Zealand music, news and views
  • kiwi fm livestream 100% New Zealand music

2 Responses to “My picks of New Zealand Music”

  1. 1 seikein April 13, 2007 at 11:17 am

    cousin, your photos rock!

  2. 2 professor_dementor September 4, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    Call me silly, But it always brings a tear to my eye when i see NZ music being touted on the world stage.

    I guess you couldn’t have said it better when you said:

    > There is something special and unique about it which is helping shape our identity and touches a raw nerve in people that have grown up with it.

    Anyway, i currently have ‘I love your ways’ by Sal Dub reverberating in my eardrums. These guys went a long way to creating the nz roots movement, and i am sooo thankful for them!

    p.s. Check out Tommy on the loop label.

    kia kaha!

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